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Louise and David’s Wedding Cake

I was delighted when Louise and David asked me to make their wedding cake. They were looking for a less traditional design based on the lovely story of how David proposed to Louise.

David had been planning it for weeks. They’d take a lovely walk up the to a high point on a hill and while they rested at the top enjoying the view, he’d pop the question. Well the day came and the clouds opened. It had bucketed with rain all morning but David still managed to persuade Louise out for the walk. Dressing her in his fathers walking gear with rain coat down to her knees, off they set. Although the weather was awful, they ‘dumped’ the car and off they set to the top. Managing not to be swept away by the torrents of rain water flowing down the hill path they reached the top. David popped the question and a delighted Louise accepted. After sending many picture texts, Louise and David set back down the hill with the biggest smiles on the faces no longer aware of the rain…this is the scene they wanted to capture on their cake.

Milly (their daughter) also had an idea for the cake design and drew a picture of a three tiered wedding cake with hearts and flowers. Louise asked if there was a way of incorporating her ideas into the cake too. Milly also though they should have a “heelan’ coo” too.

And so here is the design we came up with. Instead of the traditional bride and groom in their wedding gear, I made figures of David and Louise in walking gear. Lots of piping gel used to give the sense of a wet rainy day. Three tiers of green hillside with the flowers and hearts incorporated, and a path carved around from bottom to top. A wee mini highland cow making its way up the path and the ‘random Christmas trees’ that Louise described dotted around the hill side.

Congratulations David and Louise. May you have many more adventures:-)

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