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Ice Cream

Paula got married to Jack 10 years ago on her 50th birthday – what a birthday to remember! 10 years later and Jack was planning another birthday she would not forget!

Paula did not want to forget that it was their anniversary too, so wanted to give Jack a special anniversary cake as a gift. Jack is a bespoke cabinet maker and so Paula wanted to incorporate a wood theme, as well as acknowledging his love for ice cream. Jack can’t resist ice cream and has been known to eat a whole tub in one go!

And so the ice cream tub cake evolved!

The symbol for a 10th Anniversary is tin, so I created two tin style spoons with their initials. Of course, Jack’s is stuck into the ice cream tub. The cake board is a wood effect made from fondant.

Hope Jack is not too disappointed that this tub is full of cake and not ice-cream!

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